Private consults in Reiki & Crystal healing, Numerology & Tarot Readings.

Reiki: Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice of laying-hands-on energy to improve health & draw in peace & balance to both mind & body.

It is a simple & gentle approach to healing that treats the ”whole” – the emotional, physical, mental & spiritual.

By having ‘intent’ & being open & understanding to the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself, will greatly assist in your Reiki experience. 

Crystal Healing: Crystal or Energy healing, is also a practice that dates as far back as far as ancient Egypt, India & China.

Crystal are transformers of Energy. They help to release, clear & balance our energies, bringing harmony & clarity back into the physical, spiritual & emotional body.

Crystal healing is a non- invasive grounding technique that brings the body into a beautiful place of relaxation & stillness.

Remember to be open & relaxed, knowing that healing begins with your positive intent.

Numerology: The study of numbers, the symbolism & vibration that each number brings. Numbers determine your personality, strengths & talents, any obstacles, inner needs & emotional balance. gives one a better understanding of Self & others.

Tarot Readings: Card readings – to see more deeply into understanding Self & have a better understanding of those around you, helping to develop your intuitive side & giving clarity, direction & peace of mind.

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